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Web Graphics

Your website is the most visible representation of your company. First impressions are formed instantaneously based on the overall look and feel of the site.

Engaging graphics, illustrations, and design demonstrate value and invite exploration of your content.

Overview of my work

  • Research for understanding of scientific concepts
  • Illustrations, charts, and tables
  • Web icons and image slider graphics
  • Design based on existing branding elements
  • Layout strategy for responsive website design
  • Technical writing, copywriting, & editing

Description & Process

Objective: To develop a single comprehensive website with information for both doctors and customers in one place. All graphics needed to be informative while remaining simple in design and content.

Content: I worked closely with the client to develop graphics and layout information to demonstrate product information to both a technical and general audience. When all was said and done, I developed a wide variety of charts, diagrams, and illustrations that facilitate communication of the unique benefits of each of their products.

Product: These graphics are web-ready, quick-loading files that adjust to fit any device screen.



Diagnostic assays for cancer & rare diseases