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Infographics have exploded as a widely successful form of content marketing, especially through social media channels, due to their efficient and engaging presentation of information.

Social media content is a great way to boost website traffic, engage potential customers, and increase exposure in your industry.

Overview of my work

  • Research of process, statistics, and scientific concepts
  • Outline and story structure
  • Creative concept development
  • Theme, icons, and artwork design
  • Illustration of data & concepts

Description & Process

Objective: To visually demonstrate the investments and process of modern drug discovery in an attractive format to facilitate social media sharing.

Writing: Although many of the facts presented are estimates of overall trends, I did considerable research to consolidate several reliable sources. I condensed large amounts of information into simple, easy-to-digest summaries at each step in the process. The title and storyline of the infographic are catchy and memorable to encourage more clicks and shares.

Design: The infographic is shaped like a very large pill, reinforcing the storyline: “A tough pill to swallow”. The graphics and icons are designed to be simple and eye-catching, with the goal of being both informative and entertaining.

Product: The infographic has generated a substantial amount of website traffic and exposure.