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Joel Pinkston



• Technical Manuals
• White Papers
• Research Bulletins
• Product Profiles


& Display

• Powerpoint Presentations
• Event Displays
• Booth Graphics
• Posters & Signs


Sales, & Web

• Ads & Brochures
• iPad Presentations
• Web Design
• Data & Sales Sheets


Graphic Design
& Creative

• Infographics
• Illustrations & Diagrams
• Logos & Branding
• Copywriting & Creative


Approaching your projects as a scientist first, I am able to understand and communicate the complex technical details behind your products.


From technical writing to copywriting, I communicate your marketing message clearly and accurately to the intended audience.


visualize data and illustrate key concepts along with artwork, typography, and layout in a clean & professional format.

  • Writing

  • Design

  • Small

  • Big

  • Science

  • Art

  • Content

  • Creative

  • Brains

  • Beauty

  • Local

  • Global

  • Smart

  • Simple

  • From Data. To Design.

  • JP is a one-stop studio for life science marketing directors to outsource individual writing & design projects.
  • I provide complete development of technical communications, presentations, advertising, web, & other marketing materials.
  •    • Technical Writing       • Presentation
  •    • Graphic Design           • Sales & Web
  • Small Business = Big Results

  • I keep my agency small, with low overhead costs and a light workload, to pass on BIG benefits to my clients for a greater return on your investment:
  •  • Improved Quality – great pride in my work
  •  • Direct Contact – efficient communication
  •  • High Priority – YOU are my flagship client
  •  • Reduced Cost – compared to large agencies
  • Scientist / Writer / Artist

  • Biochemist-turned-graphic artist Joel Pinkston has all of the technical expertise and creative inspiration to develop any project idea into reality.
  •  • Education – Medicinal Chemistry & Biology
  •  • Research – 4 years Molecular Biology, Proteomics
  •  • Writing & Design – 10 years professionally
  • Enlighten / Inform / Impress

  • I develop entire projects, from data to design. The process looks something like this:
  •  • ENLIGHTEN – research to understand the
         science behind each product.
  •  • INFORM – compose accurate copy to achieve
          marketing objectives.
  •  • IMPRESS – visualize data & concepts in a
          clean and professional format.
  • The Total Package.

  • I condense research studies into technical bulletins, demonstrate results in ads, organize information in powerpoint presentations, and much, much more.
  • My scientific, writing, & design abilities are applicable to a wide variety of technical marketing & communications projects across many platforms.
  •  • Whatever you need, I've got you covered.
  • From Startups. To Leaders.

  • I am proudly based in St. Louis, MO. My work has been showcased in the US, Europe, Canada, & South America.
  • I have developed materials used by industry leaders such as Pfizer and Merck, as well as rising companies such as PharmGate and R&D LifeSciences.
  •  • Equipped to serve both large & small companies.
  • Simply. Better.

  • I prefer a simple, straightforward way of doing business, in order to make best use of your valuable time.
  • Quality over quantity. Straight talk. Results.
  • Send me a quick email to arrange a meeting and see more of my work.


Tech Writing

Technical Communications

Technical Manuals
White Papers
Research Bulletins
Product Profiles


Presentation & Display

Powerpoint Presentations
Event Displays
Booth Graphics
Posters & Signs

Sales & Web

Advertising, Sales, & Web

Ads & Brochures
iPad Sales Presentations
Web Design
Data & Sell Sheets

Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Creative

Illustrations & Diagrams
Logos & Branding
Copywriting & Creative


I emphasize simplicity in my work, communicating complex ideas in a clean, minimal format.

Why Choose JP

I’m not your everyday freelancer. My scientific background and professionally-forged artistic and communication skills are fine-tuned to make your life easier.

I work thoroughly and efficiently with the goal of exceeding expectations on every project. Thanks to my background and experience, I do not require the “hand-holding” that others might need to do the job right the first time.

You’ll discover the value I provide is above and beyond anyone else out there. You can maintain your focus knowing your projects will be delivered on-time, with accurate content, in an attractive format.

  • Scientific background

    I understand the complex technical details behind your products, allowing me to communicate and visualize your marketing messages like no other freelancer can.

  • Professional Graphics

    I emphasize simplicity in my work, maintaining focus on the main selling points of your products. Together we can fully engage with your client base to win more customers.

  • Quality over Quantity

    I keep a short client list, so your work is high priority. Each project gets my full undivided attention, with a close eye on the details that set your products apart from the competition.

  • Direct Contact

    I work closely with marketing managers to achieve your marketing objectives. I am your point of contact, your project manager, and your head content creator.

What others say about JP

Yoni Maisel

On The Drug Discovery Infographic 3/9/2014:

You Did One Heck of a Job! Kudos! I can’t wait to see more. You smacked it out of the ballpark with that one!

A “DO NOT MISS” Infographic: “Illustrated Guide to Drug Discovery” Check Out the Greatest Drug Discovery Infographic You Might Ever See!

Mark Pycior

Joel is an incredible source of scientific, writing, and visual/creative expertise. Whatever I throw his way comes back clean, polished, and ready for distribution.

I highly recommend JP Science Marketing to any marketing manager in the life sciences industry – pleasant, professional, punctual… he’s worth every penny!

Mark PyciorVP Sales & MarketingSynergy Bioscience