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iPad Interactive Sales Presentation

What better way to equip your sales force than with fully interactive and animated product presentations on the iPad? This template is fully interactive and easy to navigate, complete with imbedded pdfs, videos, and other media.

In addition to having your entire product library at your staff’s fingertips, these folios are dynamic and can be managed remotely by updating through the cloud.

Overview of my work

  • Research of products and concepts
  • Technical research summaries
  • Copywriting & product features
  • Design, artwork, & icons
  • User interface / interactivity development
  • Tables, charts, illustrations, diagrams
  • HTML & CSS coding

Description & Process

Objective: Development of intuitive + interactive + impressive product presentations designed for use in the free Adobe Content Viewer app on the iPad.

Writing: I condensed product background information into clearly defined sections, each of which tells part of the product’s story divided up into key selling points. Each selling point links to slides containing research trials, illustrations, and other data supporting the claim.

Design: The folio was designed with bright colors to engage and inform viewers. The “Cover” slide displays the product boldly in a clean, clinical theme with relevant images supporting the contents. The “Home” page provides intuitive links to the sections of the folio with large icons. All charts, tables, and illustrations were designed in a consistent theme to portray a sophisticated, purposeful authority on the subject.

Product: The entire product library of sales presentations are available to the sales force and are kept up-to-date via the cloud.

User Interface