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Technical Manual

A piece like this provides substantial value to highly-targeted clients while intelligently showcasing your products.

In addition to establishing authority on the topic, your products are strategically positioned to provide turnkey solutions specific to the customer’s needs.

Overview of my work

  • Research for understanding of concepts
  • Technical writing and citing of references
  • Copywriting, product features, and editing
  • Layout design utilizing existing branding elements
  • Data visualization: charts / tables
  • Concept demonstration diagrams
  • Photo acquisition and editing
  • Original cover artwork

Description & Process

Objective: To educate potential customers and introduce the company’s innovative Salmonella treatment technology.

Writing: Compiling information from a number of resources, I composed sections outlining the background, impacts, and solutions to the significant problem of Salmonellosis in cattle. This included detailed technical summaries of several safety and efficacy studies, complete with custom charts, tables, and illustrations. The company’s products were strategically positioned to provide solutions to all issues addressed.

Design: The large Salmonella illustration along with the images of cattle and food products gives an immediate visual reference to prime the reader for better understanding of the contents. The well-developed artwork also adds credibility and value to the products, company, and overall message delivered by the manual. All designs incorporated existing branding elements for a uniform look with other materials.

Product: The title and tone of the piece conveys authority and expertise on the subject matter, and ultimately on the product itself. Overall, this piece turned out nicely in both form and function, providing a tremendous asset to their technical marketing campaign.


Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis)