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Powerpoint Presentation

A good slide set enriches a presentation, inviting the audience in to quicker and more thorough understanding of the talking points – not to mention the instant credibility it adds to the speaker, products, and company represented.

Overview of my work

  • Research for understanding of concepts
  • Composition of technical research summaries
  • Copywriting, product features, and editing
  • Design based on existing branding elements
  • Data visualization: charts / tables
  • Photo acquisition & retouching

Description & Process

Objective: To promote the company’s new product acquisition, for use as an aid in public speaking, and use in product education/training.

Design: The template and cover slide were designed incorporating existing product branding elements. The large, crisp image of the beetle serves to illustrate the main selling point of the product − these small pests can have big consequences if not exterminated. By magnifying the problem, we engage the audience to consider the problem more carefully, as well as the many benefits of the solution provided.

Writing: After carefully reviewing source materials, I composed bullet-point summaries of the pest and product background, mode of action, and key points, including technical summaries of efficacy studies with charts and tables.

Product: A compact, thorough, attractive, and accessible format with which to communicate the full product story, its uses, and its many benefits.


Alpharma (now Zoetis)