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Scientific Illustration

Sometimes there really is no way to explain complex concepts other than to visualize them. Illustrations are a key component to communication in any form, from technical writing to storytelling.

I emphasize simplicity and clarity in my illustrations to maintain the focus on communication of scientific concepts. As with all my designs, I strive for a clean, minimal, and modern look that ties in with other materials.

Overview of my work

  • Research for understanding of concepts
  • Layout planning of design space
  • Illustration
  • Design to match theme & branding elements

Description & Process

Objective: Development of diagrams to be presented in a formal, straightforward style for a technical veterinary audience.

Research: I studied a technical information manual describing these neurological processes in detail in order to gain a thorough understanding of the many interacting processes.

Design: Use of color, shapes, icons, and other visual cues help the viewer to make cognitive connections between the many components of the process. I visualized the information using colors and styles in fitting with the design theme and writing tone of the greater document.

Product: This image demonstrates a core concept which is key for explaining the value of their products. In addition to use in this technical document, it is likely to show up in many future materials as well.