Building a Better Life Science Communications Agency

Maximize value by partnering with a specialized contractor team

Life science technical and marketing communications require specialized skills. To connect with your audience and communicate your benefits within regulatory boundaries, you need a partner with scientific understanding and proven industry experience. In the past, a large life science communications agency has been the answer for many life science companies. But we’re here to change that.

At JP Science Marketing, you can access the technical expertise and creative talent you need—without the crazy overhead costs of a large life science communications agency. Our team of specialized contractors is built to serve the life science industry. Equipped with scientific backgrounds and professional industry experience, we provide a streamlined approach at an increased value.


Maximize Your Resources

Achieve the quality results of a large life science communications agency without all of the unnecessary costs.

  • Pay only for what you need. Hire us for 1 project or 100, with no exclusivity contracts and no hidden fees.

Reduce Your Workload

Save time and gain unique insights by partnering with a specialized life science communications team.

  • Give us the technical background materials and let our science-savvy creative team go to work.

Boost Your Productivity

Enjoy quick turnaround times and high-priority status by working closely with a partner dedicated to your success.

  • Don’t be an afterthought at a big life science communications agency. Get your projects done right the first time.